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Whether you are looking to complete a family heritage project at school, to create a poster that you can hang in your home or simply to record the names of your extended family – our free family tree maker can be the perfect solution to help you create your unique family tree within minutes and free of charge! Once you select the free editable family tree template that you want to use, our family chart maker will enable you to type the name of each relative and/or add a photo. You can add additional information such as the date of birth (DOB) or any other text. Once it is complete, you can download and/or print the chart without any annoying registration process. You only download the family chart that you created and do not need to download any software. No experience is necessary. All you need to do is type your family members’ names and/or add their photos. Let’s get started!

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Extended Family Tree

This is an extended family tree with cousins, aunts and uncles and siblings. You can edit all of the names and erase any of the family members that are not relevant. You can also add additional family members.

Family tree template with siblings

Blank Family Tree

If you don’t want to use our family tree generator you can erase the dummy text and print a blank family tree template. Please note that both the blank family trees and customized family trees are free so if you are going to add text you might as well type it to create a prettier family tree. The blank version is good for teachers who will be distributing it at school for students to fill out by hand. If it is going to be completed at home you can also send them the link to complete at home.

blank family tree chart
My Family Tree

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Four Generations

With Photos and Text

family tree generator

With Text Only

family tree creator

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Three Generations

With Photos and Text

Family Tree Maker templates

With Text Only

Free family template

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Two Generations

two generations with photos and names

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Family Tree Poster


Grey textured family diagram
chalkboard tree diagram poster

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Wedding Tree

We offer a selection of free printable wedding trees such as a wedding fingerprint tree, wedding tree guest book to create a unique keepsake to remember your special day and the people that shared it with you.

Wedding tree with fingerprints

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How to Use the Family Tree Maker

Firstly, decide how many generations you want to include in your family tree. We offer 2, 3 and 4 generations at the moment but there will be more options available in the future.

Select your option below:

Select one of the family tree maker templates.

Secondly, select the number of siblings that you or your child has (depending if you are making it for yourself or for your child). We offer four different options from one to four siblings.

Replace each name with your family member’s name. Edit the title and either replace the family quote or erase it.

Start the family tree with you or your child if you are making a family tree for kids. We have many different options available depending on how many siblings will be included. Some people include their pets since they see them as part of the family.


How to obtain information about distant relatives

If you are going to include more than 3 generations then you might need to conduct research or do an ancestry search in order to complete your family tree. Contact older relatives and try to get the information from them. Ask them if they have photos that you can either scan or take a photo of with a digital camera (the quality might not be as good as a scanned photo). If you do not have any photos then you can write the names without using photos. If you are still short of information after talking to all family members then you might want to try some online resources that help people track their ancestors. You can also use genealogy software or an Ancestry app.

How to include additional information

Decide if you want to include any additional information such as the date of birth. We do have versions that include a date of birth but this can be edited to include any text you want such as the date of marriage. If you want to use a family tree template that does not include a date of birth or any text that you want to include you can easily add a text box. To add a text box just click on the “A” (add text) and move it to wherever you want. Type the text that you would like to appear. You can drag it to the right or left to make it bigger or smaller. You can also select the font that you want to use.

How do you print the family tree?

Once you have entered all of the details you are ready to download and/or print. There are a few options: you can print (by clicking on the printer icon), download as a PNG image file (by clicking on the cloud icon – this option is not always available when the file size is particularly large) or download as a PDF document.

What do I do if I select an option with photos but I do not have a photo of each family member?

You can leave certain photos blank by uploading a blank photo. If you don’t have one then click here to download one. Save it to your PC and upload it to the family tree creator so that the dummy text that reads (“add photo”) does not appear. You can add text to the blank photo with a name of the person or any other details.

How to make a family tree poster?

If you want to create a wall hanging for your home select a template that you like. Customize it with names and photos. Print on good quality paper. Get the poster framed.

How to make a family tree template Word format?

If you want to add a family tree to a Word document we suggest that you first edit the template with our free app and then download as an image. Open your Word document and insert the image (File -> Insert -> Image).

Do you need to register to generate your family tree?

No, you can make my family tree free no signing up required.

Family Quotes

Do you have to include a family quote?

No. Feel free to erase the quote. On the other hand, if you do want to include a quote but are not sure which one to use you can scroll through our selection of quotes about family to find one that you feel is appropriate.

You can add ready-made quotes with text only. You cannot add a ready-made family quote to a template with photos but you can type your own motivational quote.

The love of a family is life's greatest blessing
Family is like branches on a tree. We all grow in different directions but our roots remain the same.

How to add one of our family love quotes?

  • Select a family tree template.
  • You can type your own quote in any template. You can use our ready-made quotes if you have not selected a template which has an option to add photos.
  • Click on the folder icon to see the available family quotes. They should be visible without clicking on anything.
  • Select any quote and click on it.
  • Move it around and make it bigger or smaller if required.


The family tree maker 2018 has been updated and improved. If you have any suggestions to further improve this free app then please leave a comment.